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Travel Cooking

One of the most difficult aspects of traveling is saving money and staying health conscious while on the road. There are many different approaches one can take toward travel cooking, and each can provide an inexpensive and healthy alternative to dining out consistently.

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When choosing recipes for travel cooking, keep in mind the length of time you have allowed between major stops in your route. If you are only going to drive a few short hours, the best advice one can take is to pack light meals including sandwiches and salads, as well as snacks like fruit and nuts. This is not to say that you can't do a bit of travel cooking on a short to medium length car trip. Many state rest stops now offer access to barbecue grills where you can fire up hamburgers, hot dogs, and other delicacies that you've safely stored in a reliable cooler. This approach to travel cooking guarantees a hot meal along the way, as well provides leftovers like grilled chicken that can be either eaten cold or combined with mayonnaise and celery to make a quick sandwich option.

Another great option for travel cooking, particularly if you are going to spend a few nights in hotels, is to request an efficiency room. These rooms are often equipped with a refrigerator, small stove and oven, as well as a suitable dining area for you and your family. With this approach to travel cooking, you can easily check-in to your room and take a trip to the local supermarket and buy staples for breakfast, lunch and dinner, saving money on what could have been costly restaurant tabs. Another benefit to requesting an efficiency room is the ability to meet certain dietary needs. For example, many diabetics maintain good control over their blood sugar levels by eating similar meals at the same time each day. With an efficiency room, diabetics can make travel cooking a less burdensome affair, and focus on the fun of being away from home in a new town or city.

As you can see, there are many options for travel cooking, so be sure to choose a plan that works best for you and your traveling companions.

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