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Thanksgiving Recipes

The Thanksgiving meal has changed considerably since the first Thanksgiving feast. In fact, many of the Thanksgiving recipes that are now standard were not even included in the first Thanksgiving dinner. Today, many people have a different idea of what Thanksgiving recipes are standard depending on their family traditions. Even standard Thanksgiving recipes are prepared differently depending on the family.

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Today new Thanksgiving recipes are spreading. Instead of baking a turkey, many families have started a new tradition of deep frying their turkeys. Families who are now vegetarian have replaced the turkey all together. Following are some unique ideas to change up your idea of Thanksgiving recipes.

Instead of baking a turkey, you can try turkey sandwiches. This is not only easy to prepare and store, but easy to fix to individual tastes. This is a great way to feed a crowd and may cost less and take less time.

Having a Mexican background, I enjoy toquitos and find that they are very easy to make. Turkey toquitos can be a Mexican alternative or you can try turkey tacos or burritos. You can even try topping them with other ingredients associated with Thanksgiving or serve them on the side.

Turkey pot pies are another idea to include with your new Thanksgiving recipes. You can bake it from scratch or buy it already prepared. This can also put a new spin on your traditional Thanksgiving recipes.

Another idea is to barbeque your turkey. You can then make barbeque the theme for all of your Thanksgiving recipes. Of course it may be a little cold outside, so all of your barbeque will have to be done indoors. However, some families may enjoy the cold weather and other areas may not be that cold.

If you are a little hesitant about changing the traditional Thanksgiving recipes, remember that the original Thanksgiving dinner probably did not potato's, or stuffing. Yet, today they are commonly considered standard Thanksgiving recipes.

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