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Survival Foods

Survival foods are essential during times of crises. Those who live in tornado alleys or along the coast may be concerned about natural disasters. Fortunately, few natural disasters have left victims completely destitute. However, in times of extreme emergencies, survival foods could sustain individuals and families until help arrives. During natural disasters, most areas lose power. The loss of power means that refrigerators and freezers will be unable to keep foods cold. Thus, during long extended blackouts, food that is located inside refrigerators may spoil. In this situation, families must rely on dry foods and canned goods for nourishment.

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When weather forecasters predict hurricanes, the first inclination is to make a beeline to grocery stores in order to stock up on food. However, many make the mistake of purchasing foods that require cold temperatures. Instead of purchasing foods that need to be place in the refrigerator, those planning for a natural disaster should select foods that will not spoil in the event of a blackout. Survival foods include canned goods, dry foods such as trail mix, nuts, and raisins. Canned meats and sandwich breads are also great survival foods. When preparing for a hurricane or other natural disaster, placing several bags of ice in a large cooler is effective with keeping certain items cold.

Of course, not all natural disasters are planned. Those who live in regions were earthquakes or tornadoes occur should always have survival food on hand. These foods should be stored in a cabinet, garage, or closet. It is tempting to eat survival food. However, all members of the household should be fully aware that survival food is off limit. In addition to the essentials such as canned foods, canned meats, and dried foods, survival food kits should also include plenty of bottled water and snack foods.

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