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Outdoor Cooking Accessories

There are many outdoor cooking accessories to help you along the way whether cooking on a camping trip, hiking or having a backyard barbeque. Perhaps the most popular of the outdoor cooking accessories is the grill. Grills can either be charcoal or run on propane and are available in a variety of styles and sizes. For instance a small hibachi grill may be most advantageous for smaller families or those with limited outdoor space. There are also deep fryers which are specifically designed for outdoor use due to the size of item to be fried. For instance, many Southern U.S. homes enjoy their turkey deep fried for the holidays. For these folks, the large outdoor deep fryer may be essential outdoor cooking accessory.

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However, outdoor cooking accessories are not limited to the grill, camp stove or the equipment used to actually cook the food. There are many types of outdoor cooking accessories to aid you in preparing a meal, making cooking and cleaning easier than ever before. In the example of the outdoor turkey fryer, special accessories would be required to lift the meat out of the oil when finished cooking to avoid burning your hands. Other outdoor cooking accessories which may be needed to deep fry a turkey are a meat thermometer and a marinade injector. If barbequing is more your style, there are some outdoor cooking accessories deigned for this specific purpose. Barbeque racks which attach to the side of the grill will enable you to hang tongs and other utensils within reach while shelves will hold plates ready to receive the grilled food when done.

Finally, outdoor cooking accessories are probably most crucial when camping as limited resources may prove to make cooking and food prep more difficult. For instance, if you prefer your food cooked over an open flame to really maintain that outdoor cooked flavor, there are many outdoor cooking accessories which will make this task easier, more sanitary and most importantly, safer. Probably the most common outdoor cooking accessory for cooking over a camp fire is the wire rack which allows you to set a pan an appropriate distance from the flame. In this vein of outdoor cooking accessories, there are also handheld wire baskets perfect for roasting vegetables or steaks. These consist of two standard wire racks which fasten together creating a basket to protect the food from falling out and allowing the basket to be flipped, ensuring even cooking. Outdoor cooking accessories come in an array of styles and purposes to suit your camping or backyard grilling needs.

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