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Microwave Cooking

The advent of the microwave has dramatically changed the ways in which we prepare our meals. Microwave cooking can save time, energy and overall cleanup while preparing almost everything you can on the stove or in the oven if a few modifications are made. In addition to time and cleanup, microwave cooking is a perfect option on a hot day as it does not generate the kind of heat a stove or oven would. It may also be deemed more economical due to the decreased cooking time and the amount of energy the microwave uses in contrast to a range top.

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Microwave cooking can entail simply heating up the vegetables you plan on serving with the meal, to helping defrost meat and even preparing whole meals. In fact, microwave cooking has become so common that most boxes of prepared food will supply alternative microwave instructions as well as the conventional stove or oven directions. As a general rule, microwave cooking takes approx one-fourth the time to cook the food item that it would on the stove or in the oven. Less cooking time times means the food retains more of its vitamins and minerals which are most beneficial Many microwaves now come with buttons marked by different food icons so you may chose the appropriate icon of the food you wish to prepare and the microwave will automatically adjust the time and temperature level accordingly. In fact, there are a whole line of cookbooks and on-line recipes tailored specifically for microwave cooking, so you'll never be short on resources.

As previously mentioned, microwave cooking does involve a few modifications in the way you would normally prepare the food. For instance, metal may never be placed in the microwave as it will cause a fire. Always check the container in which you wish to microwave your food to ensure that it is deemed microwave cooking safe by the manufacturer. When defrosting, be sure to place the meat on a plate and remove the wax paper and styrofoam as these materials will melt. Also, when engaged in microwave cooking, pause and stir often just as you would when cooking on range top to avoid cold spots and to ensure even heating. In today's hectic world when time always seems to be fleeting, microwave cooking can be the perfect time saving solution.

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