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Mexican Cooking

In Mexican cooking there are many variations created in America. In fact, depending on the area you live, your idea of Mexican food may be different from authentic Mexican cooking. In fact, Mexicans who live in Mexico, as apposed to Mexican Americans, can have many differences between each other including their cooking.

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One difference between Mexican American cooking and authentic Mexican cooking is the type of meat they use. In America, Mexicans tend to use ground beef. This is more of an American adaptation, because in Mexico the meat is more of a stringy texture.

Though one might expect the ingredients to be different based on the availability of these ingredients in America, it is actually pretty easy to find authentic Mexican cooking ingredients. This has allowed Americans to develop their Mexican cooking skills

In many parts of California and other border states, there are a number of Mexican grocers. You can also find Mexican ingredients at online shops. In fact, even large American chain stores are starting to devote whole isles or sections to Mexican cooking ingredients.

It is still a little hard to find Mexican cooking ingredients in small rural areas, but the need is growing. As the Mexican population continues to grow in America as well as our love for Mexican cooking, the need for Mexican ingredients will be met.

More valuable than the ingredients, are the recipes themselves. These recipes were handed done for a long time, but now many of the recipes can be found in Mexican cookbooks. Together with the growing supply of authentic ingredients, Americans can now enjoy the taste and flavor of Mexican cooking in their own homes.

Yet, if the ingredients and recipes are not enough to turn your dishes into Mexican culinary arts, you can always visit an authentic Mexican restaurant. More and more are popping up every year with authentic Mexican flavors brought from Mexico and cooked by Mexican Americans who know exactly how to prepare your favorite dishes.

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