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Over the past two decades, health and nutrition experts had determined that it is not only the number of calories in a food which contributes to weight gain or loss; it is the amount of fat. Calories are in essence, energy units essential for survival. Fat also plays a crucial role in energy level, body temperature and provides essential minerals but, should be only be consumed in moderation. Too much fat intake or saturated fats in excess may lead to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease and pose innumerable other health risks. Low fat cooking is a lifestyle which delivers a crucial balance between giving the body the fat is needs while limiting fat to a safe amount.

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The different types of fat: saturated or polyunsaturated or monounsaturated should also be considered while engaged in low fat cooking. Low fat cooking does not necessarily mean rewriting the family menu or banning certain dishes altogether; instead it means a few modifications and extra attention to individual ingredients, providing your family already eats well balanced, nutrient rich meals. To begin a low fat cooking lifestyle, first start by examining the individual ingredients, there will almost always be room to lower fat in the overall dish. For example, if a recipe calls for sour cream, choose a low fat or non fat variety depending on the amount of fat in the other ingredients used. Many cookbooks and web sites give great substitution ideas for low fat cooking.

Low fat cooking is best accomplished if well thought out before heading to the grocery store, so that you may tailor your recipes accordingly. Even bread choice is a component of low fat cooking, favoring whole grain breads over white enriched. While baking, look on the side of the box ( if making from a mix) to get hints on cutting fat like using skim milk or even applesauce as a substitute for sugar. Remember, low fat cooking should deliver exactly what it promises; promoting a healthy lifestyle while still providing the body with the fat it needs.

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