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High cholesterol affects millions of Americans. This condition may occur for several reasons. Many who suffer from high cholesterol inherited the condition from parents or grandparents. On the other hand, a large number of people with high cholesterol suffer from the condition because of poor eating habits. Foods that may contribute to high cholesterol include butter and some meats. Ideally, our cholesterol should be less than 200mg/dl. There are two types of cholesterols: bad and good. The bad cholesterol, which is found in many favorite foods, increases the risk of heart disease, whereas the good cholesterol lowers the risk. Those who suffer from high levels of bad cholesterol should adopt healthy eating habits which include consuming low cholesterol foods.

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Rack of Lamb dinner
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Attempting to naturally lower cholesterol does not require eating bland foods. In fact, many low cholesterol foods are extremely tasty. Many health conscious individuals have high cholesterol due to genes. Those in this situation may enjoy low cholesterol foods such as tofu and soy foods. Fruits and vegetables are also low cholesterol foods. Instead of snaking on chips and other junk foods, individuals with high cholesterol may consider eating a piece of fruit. Apples, pears, peaches, and so forth are filling and sweet.

Additional low cholesterol foods include beans such as black beans, red beans, and green beans. These items are perfect for meals. Those who need to lower their cholesterol may consider preparing vegetables as their main dish for meals, and preparing meats as a side dish. Meats include fats that are high in cholesterol, thus eating too much will contribute to high levels of cholesterol. Additional tips for lowering cholesterol include adding garlic to pasta and vegetable meals. Using olive oil instead of butter is also effective. If butter or margarine is necessary, select a brand that has cholesterol-lowering ingredients.

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