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Dr. Atkins may have started a low carb craze, but the low carb diet may be sticking around. It seems that the diet many individuals predicted would be a fad, has not lost much popularity since its first appearance. The question remains, how do you start the routine of low carb cooking?

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The first thing you need to realize is that not all carbohydrates are bad. When low carb cooking, choose carbohydrates high in fiber. This is in contrast to sugary and starchy foods. In fact, starches also contain sugars that are in a different form than the refined sugars we tend to think of, but have a similar effect on our bodies.

In addition to low carb cooking, you should also avoid a lot of the drinks you may have been used to. We don't usually think of sports drinks as unhealthy, but they can actually be packed with carbohydrates as well as sodas, juices, sweetened teas.

In the beginning of your low carb cooking, you will probably be very tempted to binge. This is because carbohydrates can actually raise your serotonin levels. These levels have an effect on your mood. Low serotonin levels can create serious cravings that may endanger your low carb cooking. To combat these cravings, do not skip meals and carry around some low carb snacks.

In order to start low carb cooking habits, you have to start purchasing low carb foods. Never guess when it comes to carbs or go with something you think you heard. Food labels are much more reliable. It is very easy to add one ingredient to a dish that is packed with enough carbs to raise the whole meal to a high carb dish without even realizing it. This is why it is important, once you have stocked your low carb foods, to get rid of any high carb foods that are left in your reach.

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