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Kids Cooking Lessons

Getting your kids cooking from a young age will not only prove a valuable resource later in life, but will encourage healthy eating tips and provide some quality time together. Obviously with kids cooking, safety is always the up most concern, so be sure to supervise carefully at all times and only designate age appropriate tasks, such as using the stove or a knife. Kids cooking can be as simple as mixing, measuring and pouring as these are tasks smaller kids can handle while still learning and feeling a useful part of the meal time process.

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Rack of Lamb dinner
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To make the most of the important learning experience of kids cooking, there are a few tips to remember to foster a healthy lifestyle: Choose well balanced healthy meals and explain to the child the nutritional value of each. This is not as daunting as it may seem, you don't need to get technical and read every label aloud, remember this is supposed to be fun! Keep it basic; explain that the meat portion is protein which provides energy and the green vegetables are good for your heart and, perhaps, how to limit carbs when choosing a starch. Explain to your children why you choose certain foods, such as whole grain as opposed to white enriched bread.

Next, kids' cooking lessons should also stress the preparation and cleaning components during the cooking process. For example, the importance of keeping a clean workspace, how to wash or peel vegetables and special precautions recommended when handling raw meats such as poultry are essential part of kids' cooking lessons.

When planning the meal to prepare with the kids, or better yet, that they can some day cook for you, exercise variety. A diverse and varied diet is healthy and will expose your kids to the nutritional values of different foods, help to develop their palate and most importantly, never gets boring! A healthy low carb lifestyle which begins early will provide your child with the skills and know how to continue it for life.

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