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Industrial Cooking Equipment

If you've ever been in the kitchen area of your favorite restaurant, you may notice that it has many of the same kitchen equipment and supplies that you have in your own home, just on a much larger scale. Industrial cooking equipment allows for large quantities of food to be cooked, baked, mixed and prepared to keep up with the volume and desired speed of the food service industry. Industrial cooking equipment performs many of the same tasks we expect from our own kitchen equipment, however operates differently and allows for larger quantities of food to be processed at once.

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One such example of industrial cooking equipment is a large mixer which combines and mixes water, flour and yeast to yield large quantities of raw pizza dough. Due to the time constraint and manual energy required to make dough by hand, this piece of industrial cooking equipment is a staple in pizzerias and bakeries. Also necessary for commercial food preparation are stoves that have upwards of 8-12 burners and griddles which dwarf the one Dad made pancakes on when you were a kid.

Ever make home made French fries? Your little counter top deep fryer is no match for the commercial version. This indispensable piece of industrial cooking equipment has the potential to prepare up to 3 or 4 baskets of various fried delicacies due to its different compartments which can accommodate different frying temperatures. Industrial cooing equipment does not just include automated appliances, but larger sized pot and pans as well. For increase efficiency and productivity, large industrial sized pots are useful for making large quintiles of soup or marinara sauce.

An essential, but often overlooked piece of industrial cooking equipment is the large walk-in cooler able to accommodate hundreds of pounds of fresh meat, poultry and dairy products. Its counterpart in industrial cooking equipment is the large walk-in freezer which allows restaurants to store food longer, thus reducing the number of shipments per week and reduces the risk of running out of select menu items. Industrial cooking equipment is the first step in ensuring a successful, efficient commercial kitchen.

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