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Hummingbird Foods

Hummingbirds are small birds that are found in America, Canada, and Alaska. These attractive birds are rarely kept as pets; however, many people enjoy feeding them. Individuals who have many flowering plants near their homes may notice several Hummingbirds. Hummingbird food consists of the nectar that is found in several plants. Plants that Hummingbirds feed on include shrimp plants, fuchsias, and other plants with red flowers. The nectar that flowers produce is a sugary liquid, and is one of the main ingredients in honey. In addition to nectar, Hummingbird food includes a variety of insects.

Individuals who want to feed the Hummingbirds that frequent their yards may use bird feeders. These birds are especially attracted to the color red, thus placing the Hummingbird food in red bird feeders will likely attract more birds. Those feeding the birds may purchase Hummingbird food from pet stores. These foods contain all the necessary nutrients that are essential for Hummingbirds. In most cases, Hummingbirds receive their nutrients from insects. However, many home and landowners spray chemical to kill pesky intruders. In this situation, it would be wise for Hummingbird food to be placed in bird feeders to maintain the Hummingbirds health.

Those who feed Hummingbirds may also concoct a homemade mixture of nectar. This can be done using one part sugar and four parts water. The sugar and water mixture should be boiled, then immediately cooled. Although nectar is included in honey, Hummingbirds should not be fed honey. Honey can make Hummingbirds sick and potentially kill them. However, because Hummingbirds receive vital nutrients from insects, nectar should not be their only source of food. Hummingbird food is a more appropriate food choice. Because of rain and other weather elements, feeders may develop mold. To maintain the health of Hummingbirds, bird feeders should be cleaned regularly.

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