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There are a variety of approaches to healthy cooking that both professional chefs and novices alike can use in the preparation of their favorite dishes and menu options. Although fast food and chain restaurants, as well as quick processed frozen dinners cut down on cooking times, as well as time spent at the dining table, often these options don't allow for healthy cooking to become part of your lifestyle.

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The first approach to healthy cooking is an evaluation of your main ingredients. Many recipe staples can be replaced by low fat and alternative choices in order to guarantee a more nutritional and health conscious dish. For example, many recipes call for the use of cooking oil. In order to engage in more healthy cooking, try switching from peanut and soybean oil to olive oil. Olive oil comes in a number of varieties so that dark, extra virgin oil can be used in pasta dishes and for sautéing poultry and seafood, and light olive oil with no hint of flavor can be used for baking and preparing dishes like pancakes.

Another key approach to healthy cooking is the use of lean meats and poultry. If preparing beef, look for cuts that have less of a marble color to them. Cuts like prime rib are often thirty to forty percent fat, as opposed to London broil and roast beef. By choosing the latter cuts for your recipes, fat can be trimmed to accommodate a healthy cooking approach. The same holds true for chicken. Look for skinless breasts, and when using legs or thighs, remove the skin before cooking subsequently reducing the amount of grease in your prepared dish.

Finally, to truly maximize your healthy cooking options, employ large quantities of fresh vegetables and limit the amount of starch in each recipe. When preparing pasta, limit your serving to less than a quarter pound per person and load up the dish with broccoli, asparagus, carrots and peas. When you replace the standard baked potato with yams or squash, you increase the amount of nutritious and beneficial vitamins and minerals eliminate starches that break down into sugars, and ensure an enjoyable and tasty approach to healthy cooking.

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