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Diabetic Cooking

The many innovations in food items available today make diabetic cooking easier and more delicious than ever. Type I or Juvenile diabetics do not produce the sufficient amount of insulin needed to maintain a healthy glucose (blood sugar) level while Type II or adult onset, diabetics produce insulin but the fat cells are unable to absorb it properly. In either case, dependence on insulin injections or medications can be supplemented and even lowered through a healthy diet specifically tailored for diabetics. With the alarming increase in annual cases of Type II diabetes, even in children, diabetic cooking resources are available in the bookstore, online and even the grocery store.

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Diabetic cooking is more than just a no sugar meal; it should follow the guidelines outlined below. An important step in diabetic cooking is reading labels of individual ingredients as some products which contain sugar may surprise you, such as most types of baked beans. Once you've established that there is no sugar, examine the carbohydrate choices you will make. Just as any healthy lifestyle, diabetic cooking should limit the amount of carbohydrates, which covert to simple sugar causing an increase in glucose. Choosing whole grain bread and wheat pasta are good low carb alternatives to flour enriched products in diabetic cooking and also are low in fat and cholesterol. . This positive choice can accomplish another goal of diabetic cooking, which is to include 25-35 grams of fiber daily. Fiber helps regulate blood sugar levels by counteracting saturated fat and carbohydrates which will help to supplement your already low fat, low carb ingredients. Another important component of diabetic cooking is low sodium intake. The recommended maximum daily sodium intake for a diabetic is 2400 mg and should be a major factor in diabetic cooking.

The myriad of resources, recipes and food products specifically designed to aid with diabetic cooking will make it easier to provide meals tailored for diabetic needs as well as being healthy for the rest of the family.

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