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Ever hear the phrase "there are too many cooks in the kitchen"? Although a crowded kitchen often means there are too many people putting their two cents in, cooks at every level from amateur to professional can benefit from great cooking tips. In fact, there are certain cooking tips that when applied to all recipes, guarantee a tasty meal and compliments to the chef.

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Wise cooking tips include: be careful not to over-season certain dishes. When preparing a delicacy that calls for a strong and pungent flavor such as jerk chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, or sesame beef, using too much seasoning like curry or orange flavored glaze can hurt as opposed to helping, the outcome of your recipe. Always season according to taste; you can always add to your flavorings, but it's next to impossible to dilute certain spices.

Other key cooking tips include being sensitive to the tastes and palate of your guests and staying attentive to dietary constraints. Be sure to ask potential dinner companions if they have any food allergies or if they would prefer fish and seafood to beef or pork

One of the most important cooking tips is to pay close attention at all times to the required cooking temperature for your recipe as well as keeping a close eye and nose on your stovetop to avoid burning and ruining what you've spent time and effort on preparing. All too often, a perfectly good meal is charred beyond recognition and replaced with a take-out order or pizza delivery.

Finally, try to gather as many cooking tips as you can from a variety of sources including friends and family, internet recipes, and television chefs. Often the cooking tips that you use most frequently will be applicable to most of your dishes, and by closely following these cooking tips, your reputation as a cook who takes sound advice and pays close attention to detail will pay off in full, happy bellies and requests for your own set of cooking tips.

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