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Cooking Supplies

One of the most important cooking supplies an individual owns is the bakeware. Pans are made from a variety of materials and each has its own benefits. The following is a list of common materials used to create cooking supplies and their major benefits.

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Stainless steel cooking supplies may sound very high-end, but steel is actually a poor conductor of heat. While the cookware may look nice, it is not going to give an even result.

Tinned steel is steel cookware that is coated with tin. This is actually the best way to go with steel because tin is a better conductor of heat and will produce more even results. On the other hand, the steel will add strength the weak tin.

Aluminum is also a good conductor of heat. However, aluminum has a bright surface that may not brown food as well as a dark colored surface. With thin aluminum you also run the risk of warping due to the high temperature but this can be avoided by purchasing heavier gauge aluminum.

Anodized cooking supplies come in either silver or hard anodized varieties. Despite the silver in the name, the cooking supplies are made of aluminum and are put through an electro-chemical process that hardens the outer surface of the cookware. The hard anodized is processed longer which gives it a much harder surface than the silver anodized. Both are more resistant to scratches and very conductive.

Silicone cooking supplies can be used in a number of cooking and freezing methods. It does not conduct heat but does distribute it throughout the food. Because it does not conduct the heat, the food does not continue cooking after the cookware is removed from the heat source.

These are some of the common types of cooking supplies, but there are also cookware made from stone and glass. Both are great conductors of heat but have their drawbacks as well. There is also insulated cookware and new non-stick cookware is always being developed. It is a good idea to choose your cookware depending on your current dish and its individual temperature and cooking time.

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