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The term Le Cordon Bleu originally referred to the Order of Knights of the Holy Spirit. Members of the group of French knights created in 1578 were known for their famous meals known as Cordon Bleu. The members wore medals hung by "blue ribbons," which is the meaning of the term Cordon Bleu.

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Today the Le Cordon Bleu cooking schools are famous for turning out top quality culinary graduates. The first school started in 1895 in Paris, France. Today, these cooking schools are located in 26 different international locations in 15 different countries.

The Master Chefs who teach their techniques to the students at Le Cordon Bleu come from the finest restaurants and are world famous competition winners. Cuisine, Pastry, and bread baking are major subjects taught at the cooking schools of Le Cordon Bleu.

These cooking schools offer a variety of diploma levels for people seeking a degree in the culinary arts, from an associate's degree to a Master of Arts degree in Gastronomy. They even offer an MBA. You can actually graduate with a diploma from one of their cooking schools in as little as nine months.

The famous cooking schools offer more than a highly coveted training in culinary arts. They also offer a guarantee of employment in the finest food establishments. One of their famous graduates includes Julia Child how went on to have her own cooking show.

In addition to creating famous culinary professionals, the cooking schools also have a variety of commercial products available. These products include cookware and cookbooks. However, they also have their name on many restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops.

From its early beginnings with the French knights the Le Cordon Bleu has been synonymous with find dinning. Whether you see the name on an applicant's resume or connected with a restaurant or cookbook, you know that you are in for a tasty treat.

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