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Cooking Salmon

Salmon is a fish that has a powerful flavor. Preserving this rich flavor in the process of cooking salmon is the key to any salmon dish. There are many ways to prepare salmon including steaming, poaching, and backing.

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To keep the flavor while cooking salmon, you should keep the recipe simple. Too many ingredients or powerful flavors can be overpowering when paired with the rich flavor of salmon. Butter and simple spices can enhance the flavor while cooking salmon without bombarding your taste buds.

When cooking salmon, the end product will be very reflective of the freshness of the salmon you started with. When picking salmon you should pick only the freshest salmon. A salmon that is not farmed may offer a better taste than the farmed variety.

Try to avoid overcooking your salmon as you may cook out much of the flavor. Salmon is finished when the meat is flaky and has changed color. You can also prevent your salmon from drying out by basting it with the natural oils and butter when backing or broiling.

Salmon should be served fresh as well. Many seafood dishes are time sensitive in both preparation and time before serving, Salmon is a good example of this.

The flavor comes from the salmon's natural oils. This is why you have to be careful when cooking, because you don't want to dry it out. This is also why you have to work against the clock. Oils can escape and evaporate over time. Seafood has a tendency to go bad faster than other foods adding to the rush.

Smoking salmon can preserve the fish for longer periods of time than even freezing. You can also prevent over cooking by preparing your salmon without heat. This is done in a style similar to seviche using a mixture containing salt and vinegar.

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