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When cooking recipes, you have to know the language. Sometimes this language is easy to figure out and other times it seems like very foreign. Hear are some common terms that pop up in a lot of cooking recipes.

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Al Dente is a term used in pasta making. It refers to the point when the pasta is cooked but still firm as apposed to being mushy.

Au Gratin is not just the name of a potato dish. It is actually used to describe any dish that is topped with cheese or bread crumbs prior to baking.

Baking Powder and baking soda are both leavening agents called for in cooking recipes; however, they have different sets of properties. Baking powder reacts with heat and liquids while baking soda reacts with acidic liquids such as lemon juice.

To baste your dish you would simple be pouring, squirting, or otherwise reintroducing moisture to your keep your food from drying out. For example, when preparing meats and poultry you would baste the item by pouring its own juices back onto the item.

To blanch your food you would place the item in boiling water for a very short time. You would then place the item into cold water to stop the heat from continuing to cook the item. This is commonly done for removing skins.

Coddling is cooking a food just below the boiling point. Instead of boiling an egg, for example, you can coddle your egg.

Condensed Milk is simply milk that has had most of the moisture taken out and has been packed with sugar. Condensed milk is often used in sweet dishes and drinks.

Corn Starch is a thickening agent used in cooking recipes. It is a powder that is added to a cool liquid to create a paste. This paste is then added to the hot liquid, such as gravy, that needs to be thickened. The result is a clear, but thick, liquid or sauce.

When it comes to cooking recipes it is best not to guess. Using baking soda instead of baking powder can yield an undesirable effect.

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