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Cooking Light

Today there are many families trying to get healthy. Though the battle isn't easy for everyone, there are some ways to make your normal recipes a little healthier. Cooking light can be achieved with minor changes in the way you prepare your food and what ingredients you choose.

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Rack of Lamb dinner
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One way to cooking light is to prepare you foods in the healthiest way. Fried foods can contain a lot of unhealthy oil. Baking is a great way to prepare foods that might otherwise require frying such as French fries. Poaching and boiling eggs instead of frying them is another example of the cooking light by changing your preparation method.

You may not think that your cookware can affect your cooking light, but actually those with cookware that is not non-stick or that has worn out tend to use more oil when cooking. They have to use more oil in order to keep the food from sticking. This means that taking care of your cookware can actually keep you cooking light.

Substituting ingredients in your recipe can keep you cooking light without having a huge affect on your finished dish. Many recipes that call for milk can be prepared with skim milk without a noticeable change in the taste. Also applesauce can sometimes be used instead of oil in some dishes.

When using fruits and vegetables many nutrients are lost in preparation. Instead of using canned fruits that contain sugary syrups, it is best to use fresh fruits. Vegetables should be steamed as cooking breaks down many of the valuable nutrients.

Cooking light doesn't have to mean huge changes in the way you prepare your food. However, little changes can be an important step in keeping your family healthy. The best way to ensure that your family stays healthy is to pair cooking light with a good exercise routine.

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