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Cooking gadgets have advanced greatly to help cut time, energy and cleanup in the kitchen. Cooking gadgets can range anywhere from standard measuring cups and pizza cutters to newer, more innovative designs which may replace the manual output of labor involved in preparing a meal. Small improvements on existing products make up a large percentage of today's line of cooking gadgets.

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For example, instead of 5 or 6 measuring cups and measuring spoons, you may now purchase one measuring cup or spoon which adjusts to the desired measurement. This type of improvement on a standard cooking gadget allows for less time hunting for the right cup or spoon and eliminates clutter in the kitchen drawers. Another standard cooking gadget is the garlic press which has been improved to eliminate the sticky job of peeling the garlic before it may be pressed. To avoid self injury, can openers are now available which perforate the can without the jagged edges which are a potential danger in the kitchen.

Also, there are cooking gadgets available for those people who may have lack of strength in the hands due to an affliction such as arthritis. For instance, a non-slip grip pad is available to provide leverage when opening up jars, thus requiring less physical strength. Even above and beyond this, there are cooking gadgets which fit over the cap to be removed and operate with a hand crank, opening the container. This type of cooking gadget may come in different sizes or in an all inclusive model which adjusts anywhere for a 2-liter soda bottle top to a large jar top.

Finally, some manual tasks are now automated through the use of electrical or battery powered cooking gadgets. The food processor has been around for a while to eliminate the need for hand chopping but has recently been scaled down in size so that it will chop the item right on a cutting board, rather than the food having to be inserted. Cooking gadgets are now available to aid with virtually any kitchen task, are easier to find and more affordable than ever.

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