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Cooking For A Crowd

Cooking for a crowd can be expensive and time consuming. The last thing you want to worry about when preparing for a family reunion, wedding, or funeral is cooking for a crowd. However, there are some recipes that are a little easier to prepare and less costly as well.

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A bean bake can be a perfect way of cooking for a crowd without breaking your budget. You can cook the beans in a crock pot while you are getting other things done, or you can cook them the day before. You can also cook chili beans or a variety of variations.

Spaghetti is another dish that makes cooking for a crowd a little easier. This dish can feed a number of people and depending on the preparation method, can be simple and cost effective to make.

Sandwiches are another way of cooking for a crowd without the cooking. During the summer months this can be especially pleasing since most people do not mind foregoing the hot meals. You can also serve a variety of meats, condiments, and vegetables making it pleasing to everyone.

Tacos and other buffet type items can also be a great way of cooking for a crowd. These meals are similar to sandwiches because they offer variation to the crowd who can choose their own ingredients. In addition, you delegate some of the preparation time to the guests themselves giving you more time to devote in other places.

Salads are another great idea. They are most often side dishes but can easily become the main meal when you add grilled chicken or another important topping. There are a number of different types of salads as well including macaroni and bean salads.

As you can see cooking for a crowd doesn't have to be time consuming and expensive.

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