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Since the rise of cable and satellite television over the last few decades, the number of cooking channels has increased tremendously. Often each cooking channel hosts a variety of shows to suit a variety of palates. It is not out of the ordinary to collect recipes across a wide range of countries and cultures in just a few hours of viewing.

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Cooking channels usually employ famous chefs, who each host a show dedicated to making cuisine specific to their culinary expertise, the menu items at their restaurants, as well as old family recipes. The Food Network stands out as one of the more prominent cooking channels in recent years. Among their line-up are several chefs with fantastic reputations in the cooking industry. Chef Emeril Lagasse prepares dishes that combine Cajun flare with more continental menu items. For example, it is not unlikely to find him mixing crawfish and Cajun seasonings with good old-fashioned spaghetti and pasta sauce.

Many other shows on cooking channels also seek to attract viewers not only based on the cuisine itself, but other factors including ease of preparation and quick/last minute meal choices. Chef Rachel Ray is famous for her show "30 Minute Meals," which combines quick prep-times with an emphasis on using ingredients found in most regional supermarkets. Ray will often combine easy to find ingredients such as rice, chicken cutlets, and fresh vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower to make a four-star quality meal in under an hour.

Chefs with shows on cooking channels also attract viewers by featuring recipes that fit today's tight family budget. Feeding four on just a few dollars is not so out of the question. Many chefs demonstrate how pasta dishes, varieties of pizzas, and a good pot roast can all be prepared and served up while not causing a strain on your wallet.

Finally, cooking channels also try to get every member of the family interested in preparing meals. Some programs feature kid-friendly recipes that any child over ten can prepare on their own, including after-school snacks, easy macaroni and cheese, and the ever famous build your own sundae! Thanks to the rise of new cooking channels, making meals is something families can do together.

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