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Convection Oven Cooking

Convection oven cooking can be a lot more efficient in certain circumstances. This is because it includes a fan that circulates the hot air so that the food is surrounded evenly by heat at all times. This is how a convection oven works.

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While convection oven cooking can cook 25% to 30% more efficiently than conventional ovens, it depends on the circumstances. Using a baking dish with a lid will block the air from surrounding the food. Even though it will still be surround the dish, it is not as effective as food cooked on a cookie sheet or shallow pan. For closed dishes or high sided baking pans a conventional oven may do just as well or even better.

Since convection oven cooking is more efficient, the recipe will have to be altered a little to prevent over cooking. This can be done by either cooking at a slightly lower temperature (about 25 degrees lower) or by cooking for a slightly less time (25% to 30% less time). For a recipe that called for an hour of baking, you would be finishing 15 to 18 minutes early.

Whether you choose convection oven cooking at a lower temperature or for less time is up to you. However, if the cooking time is not that long to begin with, it may be better to reduce the temperature. You can also reduce the time by just a little while also reducing the temperature slightly.

In the end, convection oven cooking is a better alternative for a lot of recipes. It effectively maintains moisture while also keeping more of the food's nutrients as well. A faster cooking time can mean less time spent and a lower temperature may mean less energy spent. You can also find hybrid ovens that contain the benefits of both convection oven cooking and conventional oven cooking.

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