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Campfire Cooking

When the sun goes down on the camp, it's time to start the campfire. This is also the time to share scary stories and create our campfire memories. Yet, the campfire also serves an important role providing the means to cook our favorite campfire cooking.

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One famous dish associated with campfire cooking is the roasted marshmallow. In fact, the roasted marshmallow is the building block of the smore, another famous campfire treat. The trick to roasting your marshmallow is getting the right balance of roasted outside and melted middle. It also becomes a trick just to keep the marshmallow from slipping into the campfire.

Similar campfire cooking techniques are required when roasting weenies. You want the middle to become warm without the outside burning to a crisp. This requires the right knowledge of campfire cooking to keep the weenie close enough to the fire without getting too close.

Although campfire cooking is the most enjoyable when you the food is at the other end of a stick, you can also cook in other ways. For instance, many campers bring along canned foods that they warm up pretty easily. These canned foods can be warmed up by direct campfire cooking while in the can, or by bringing a pan.

Whatever you decide to cook on your campfire and however you decide to prepare it, you should be careful. Many accidents have been cause by campfire cooking gone awry. Keep a good eye on the fire to ensure that nothing gets too close. You should also be mindful of what you put into the fire. Many people throw all sorts of trash in without thinking about the results.

That being said, you should only cook in designated areas. There are many camping sites that do not allow campfires for certain reasons. After finishing with your allowed campfire, you should make sure that it was properly put out.

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