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Baby Shower Recipes

Most baby showers do not require a lot of baby shower recipes. The main dish at most baby showers is the cake. Even with the cake, the recipe is not as important as the decoration. An easy cake design to accomplish a professional look is the baby buggy cake.

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Again the baby shower recipes that you have for the cake is not important. You should use whatever baby shower recipes please the mother or the largest amount of guests. It is really the decoration that is going to be a hit.

To create a baby buggy is quite simple. You will need at least two boxes of cake mix or you may need to double your baby shower recipes if you are creating from scratch. Ultimately you will need to end up with one big circle and two smaller ones. The actual size really is not that important as long as they are proportionate.

The big circle will become the baby buggy, while the two smaller circles will become the wheels. To picture the body of the buggy you will need to picture the bottom half of the circle as the body of the buggy and the top half of the circle as the shade on the buggy.

This will become more apparent after you remove a small slice starting from have way point and moving at about a 45 to 90 degree angle upwards depending on the look you want. This will leave you with a shade on the buggy that is drawn out either halfway or most or all but 45 degrees.

Now that you have the basic shape of the buggy with the two circles placed as wheels, you can start decorating with icing. One way to add to the buggy effect is to give the buggy body a basket weaving effect. This is creating with your icing. You can also add actual ribbon wear the buggy body meets the shade, which should be separate colors. This is all to create a separate feel for the two parts.

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