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Baby Food

Although many parents begin feeding their baby table food at an early age, baby food is considered a better choice among physicians. Around five or six months, parents generally begin introducing their infant to baby food. Prior to eating baby food, infants rely solely on breast milk or infant formula for nutrients. However, as a baby grows, he or she requires more food in order to become satisfied. Baby food is available in three stages. Stage 1 baby food is for those beginning to eat. As the baby becomes older and develops strong chewing habits, he or she may gradually work themselves to eating stage 3 baby foods.

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Baby food is available in many sizes and flavors. Initially, parents prefer to introduce their children to vegetables such as sweet peas, corn, and green beans. Unfortunately, many babies are not fans of these food choices. Understandably, they prefer baby foods with a sweeter taste such as fruit medleys or sweet potatoes. On the other hand, some infants refuse to eat food. When this occurs, parents often have to rely on cereal to keep their little stomachs full. Baby cereal is generally poured into the milk bottle. Cereal includes essential nutrients and vitamins that are vital for growing babies.

Many parents choose to make their baby's food. Homemade baby foods are perfect for families on a strict budget. They are simple to make and nutritious. In this case, baby food consists of meals that are prepared for the entire family. Prior to seasoning meats and vegetables, parents should remove the portion that the baby will eat. After the baby's food is cooked, it should be blended or smashed into small pieces. In the beginning, a baby may have a difficult time mastering swallowing. Parent should not force food down the baby's throat. This could result in choking. Stage 1 baby foods are perfect for new eaters. The food has a watery texture, which allows the baby to easily swallow food without choking.

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