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Feeding your infant baby food recipes that you prepare yourself can ensure that you know every ingredient being ingested by their precious little tummies. It can also be helpful for you since you can make their foods out of foods that you already have available.

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Feeding a baby is more than simply pureeing foods. An infant's new digestive system has not been broken in yet. This necessitates a few rules when preparing baby food recipes to ensure that your infant can digest the food without any problems.

Babies, for instance, can not handle baby food recipes before the age of 4 months. Some doctors advise not starting an infant on solid foods until 6 months.

Even then, babies need to be introduced to foods one item at a time. This is to ensure that your child does not develop allergies to a food. In the even that you child does have an allergic reaction, you will be better able to identify the food that caused it if you introduce foods one item at a time.

When preparing baby food recipes remember that babies do not require seasonings such as salt and pepper. Since they are starting out with a clean pallet, they are not accustomed to these seasonings anyway.

They also have not developed a prejudice against veggies. In fact, it is advisable that you start off with vegetables before you move onto fruits that are high in natural sugars. Children will be more receptive to the veggies before they know that there are fruits.

Baby food recipes should not introduce meats until both vegetables and fruits have been acclimated. In fact, it is a good idea to clear meats and any dietary additions with your pediatrician prior to serving. Always make sure that your baby food recipes are at a proper temperature and consistency.

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